Working Cats Program

Do you need a cat for your property, but not your typical cuddler? Do you have pest problems at your business? A working cat (or barn cat, as they're often called) may be just for you!

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Almost all free-roaming community cats are best off living out their lives in their outdoor homes. But when they face immediate danger there, we have to find them new places to go. This is easy for friendly strays who can be adopted into loving homes, but for feral or unsocialized cats who would be terrified and miserable living indoors among humans, we have to get creative. We turn ordinary street cats into "working cats," ready to keep your property rodent-free!

Got Mice?

OAR's working cats program takes free-roaming cats who are unsocialized to humans and adopts them into non-traditional situations such as barns, workshops, nurseries, warehouses, junkyards, breweries, and other facilities that need help keeping their vermin population under control. Since these cats are feral, they don't want to curl up on laps or be petted. Instead, they only ask for daily meals, shelter from wildlife and the elements, and the space and freedom to be their wild selves. And in exchange, working cats give you environmentally-friendly rodent control for the rest of their lives.

A Win-Win Situation

Feral cats faced certain, immediate death at public shelters before the advent of programs like this. OAR believes feral kitties don’t deserve to die simply because they can’t be adopted into typical homes! The working cats program gives you the chance to take part in a true win-win situation: you save the life of a cat who literally has run out of options, and you get a natural means of controlling pests in your barn, workshop, or business. What's not to love?

In many cities, working cat programs are so successful that there are waiting lists of families and businesses eager to enlist the services of these intrepid hunters!

Adopt a Working Cat!

Are you ready to save lives and eliminate your pest problem in one fell swoop? All of OAR's working cats are healthy, sterilized, vaccinated, and ready to keep their outdoor home vermin-free. Read our working cats frequently asked questions (FAQs) to get more information, and then fill out the working cats application today to be matched with one of our hard-working free spirits!