Volunteering at OAR

When you become an OAR volunteer, you are giving our cats what they deserve most: your love and attention. Our volunteers are the heart of OAR. They work with every aspect of our organization and provide the highest quality care for our cats. By joining OAR’s team of dedicated volunteers you will help us work together to save the lives of Cincinnati cats.

Here is a brief summary of our current volunteer opportunities. These will be covered in more detail during orientation.


  • Cat Care: Cleaning the cat rooms and cages, socializing cats and helping with laundry.
  • Fundraising and Events: This team meets once a month to plan different events and fundraising activities.
  • Adoption Hosts: Greeting potential adopters and introducing them to our adorable cats.
  • Angels: Socializing our adult cats through attention and play.
  • Fostering: Welcoming a cat into your home before he/she enters the shelter. This helps us to gain important insight to his/her personality that we can share with potential adopters. We are able to be VERY flexible with your schedule and provide all supplies and medical care.
  • TNR: This stands for Trap, Neuter and Return. This group focuses on controlling the cat population through catching stray and feral cats in humane traps, bringing them to our clinic to have them spay/neutered and receive medical attention (if needed) and return them to their outdoor home. 



Your first step to becoming an OAR volunteer is to complete an application. After clicking the link, you will be prompted to create an account with our volunteer software before you can fill out the application. 


You will then be able to sign up for our volunteer orientation. Volunteer orientation is held monthly, but we can also work to accommodate additional times throughout each month.

All minors who would like to volunteer need their parent/guardian to complete a Minor Waiver Form (which is included in the application). Volunteers that are 12-15 must volunteer alongside a parent/guardian, while those that are 16-17 may volunteer independently.

We look forward to your joining our OAR team and together we can strive for all cats in the Cincinnati area to get a true chance at the life they deserve!

If you have any questions, please contact volunteer@ohioalleycat.org