Volunteer Spotlight: Liz Spear and Katie Weber

 OAR volunteers make all the difference in the lives of our cats. We are recognizing some of them in OAR 2.0 and at www.ohioalleycat.org/volunteer-spotlight/.

Katie Weber, left, Liz Spear and a big brown tabby friend adoption hosting on a recent Sunday afternoon at the Oakley PetSmart.

On Sunday afternoons, visitors to the cat adoption area at the Oakley PetSmart are greeted by friendly and helpful volunteers Liz Spear and Katie Weber, who are dedicated to helping cats and kittens find loving homes.

Liz got her start with OAR in 2011, when a feral cat gave birth to a litter of kittens under her hot tub. After learning about TNR through a brochure at her vet’s office and receiving a crash course in socialization, Liz was able to help the family of cats: she had the feral parents fixed and released them, and, with OAR’s help, found homes for the kittens.

The experience left her wanting to “pay it forward,” and continue to assist others and “the cats who come into their lives,” so she began adoption hosting. “I love helping people find a cat that’s a good match for them. Sunday afternoons are my time to give to the kitties,” Liz said.

In addition to adoption hosting, she and her husband, Bill, have also fostered a number of kittens. They also care for their own clowder of indoor cats and two rescued Chihuahuas.

Katie also began volunteering in 2011. She would often visit the cats at PetSmart and decided “it was time to make myself useful.” She started by joining the cat care team and partnered with another volunteer to clean, feed and play with the cats every Friday evening. She began adoption hosting when a call when out for additional volunteers, and has been a regular on Sunday afternoons since last October.

“I love hanging out with the cats and talking to people who stop by to visit or are interested in adoption,” Katie said. “I really appreciate OAR’s commitment to finding cats good homes, not just any home, and that we really establish relationships with our adopters.”

She and her husband, George, have two male cats, a brown tabby named Isaac, and Malcolm, an orange boy adopted from OAR in 2012. “We love both boys so much,” Katie said. “They play together all day long.”