Do You Have a Story to Tell about an OAR Cat?

OAR alums Janice and Jaida are not only adorable, they're also "paw pals" for Vitas hospice! Look for an upcoming story on them for our new book project!

Would you like your cat to be famous? Do you love to talk about your cat? Is there something that makes your kitty stand out among all others? If so, please consider sharing your cat's story for our book featuring felines with an OAR connection, on schedule to be released next spring. As an example, one of our volunteers plans tell the story of her adorable, friendly girls, Janice and Jaida, adopted from OAR last year. These cute calicos have become certified "paw pals" for Vitas Hospice, spreading comfort and love to patients during every visit.

We'd love to share your cat's tale, too! 

 Entries due by July 1 (deadine extended)!

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