The Sweethearts Campaign 2015

Lincoln's Fund was established through a generous donation by an OAR volunteer. She was touched by Lincoln, an elderly cat who showed only sweetness and spunk despite several painful ailments.  We said goodbye to Lincoln just before Christmas 2012 but his spirit lives on.  

Lincoln's Fund is used to cover medical care that goes beyond vaccines, spay/neuter and deworming. This could be x-rays, diagnostic testing, emergency care, dental surgery or palliative care for painful conditions like arthritis.  Ultimately, we would like to raise $10,000 for this fund over the next few months so that we can say yes to intake on cats like Lincoln or care for the cats like him already living at our shelter. Our goal for The Sweethearts Campaign is $1400.00 

Our campaign ends the day after Valentine's Day.

Honor a Purrson (or a Pet)

Your friend, your cat, your relative, a shelter cat, your significant other, your kid, your parent, your coworker, a fellow volunteer, a dog even...chances are that there is a purrson (or 2 or 4) in your life for whom you are very grateful.  What better way to honor that purrson than with a pledge that helps out a cat in need? (All gifts over $20 will be listed here by first name, last initial).  
Goal:  $500
Current total: $1090!
  • Brandt S. from EQS
  • Jane T from The OAR cat who plays with the sunbeams.
  • My friend, Amy O. from Joanne D
  • My handsome man Sparky from Ruth B
  • My husband on his significant birthday from Susan W
  • To my favorite Valentines from Heather T
  • For Anna H. from Paul H.
  • Boomer from Peg F.
  • For all the OAR staff and volunteers from Liz J.
  • From Kelly T to SodaPop, the first cat I really felt I made a difference to!
  • For Tracy M. and her compassion for all cats from Susan J
  • For Liz for all she does to help and inspire others to help the cats of Greater Cincinnati - from Katie L
  • For Valentine (at OAR) from Susan P
  • For Tracy M., for all you do every single day for all the shelter cats AND all of us!!! - from Anne N.

Remember a Loved One


Help an OAR cat as a tribute to a special loved one, person or pet, who has passed.  (All gifts over $20 will be listed here by first name, last initial).
Goal: $150
Current total: $295
  • Jodi M's beloved cat Stuart from OAR Shelter Staff
  • Boxie Brown, the most fractious cat who ever became a lap cat, from Mel M.
  • In honor of Puddy McCreadie, the fluffy little black cat, our first cat, the one who started it all, from the O family
  • In memory of my sweet cat, Sir Lancelot - RIP 1991 - from Willa
  • My dad, Lou, from Eileen C
  • RIP 8 Ball kitty who left us 2/10/15 from Linda L
  • In remembrance of Helen H. from Jess H.
  • My dad, Bob Y., from Linda O.
  • In memory of my grandma, the original animal lover in my life, from Katie S.
  • For Ursula from Jayde R.
  • In memory of my grandmother, who would have loved OAR and the new friends I've made here, from Lia W
  • In memory of my great-grandparents, Harland and Evelyn Cushing who could never turn away a cat, from Jane T

Sweetheart #9 Sparky

One of the worst things when you're a cat & you have a stellar home, is when your person dies.  And nobody wants you. You get so stressed out that you get sick, you don't understand why you have to move, where your person went, will he ever come back?  

Sparky felt exactly this way. Then he came to the shelter.  He was grieving & not adjusting well.  Then he made some friends.  We won't call them "crazy cat ladies," but only because some are still girls.  Sparky is a volunteer favorite despite his quirks. We expect Sparky to be with us for awhile because he sorta poops on the floor sometimes.  In 2015, Sparky is trying to raise money for the other special needs cats at the shelter even though ( a whisper) he is a bit special needs himself.

Goal: $150
Raised: $330

Sweetheart #8 Cosmos the II

2 1/2 yr old Cosmo was found living outside in the Clifton area.  Gregarious to an extreme, Cosmo was found limping very badly and with an injured eye.  The home-owner had the cat treated and sought rescue because he's over his cat limit  The cat healed and went back outside where he basically got beat up by neighborhood cats all over again.  He was taken in at OAR on frigid Valentine's Day (2.14.15).  He's FIV+ (aka Positively Adoptable) and needs additional care including neutering.  Won't you help us turn around Cosmo's life?

Goal: $500
Raised: $500!

Sweetheart #7 Mace Windu

Mace Windu was someone's pet but he probably didn't feel like it by the time he ended up in an open admissions shelter with a huge gash in his head.  He was found in a suburb by a concerned homeowner.  The risks to pet cats when they are outdoors are high. They typically don't find their way home without luck and a lot of effort.  Even jedi warriors need dental work at times and besides needing emergency care for his abscessed head, Mace needed several dental extractions on February 13th.  It probably hurts to be lost from your family and know that they aren't looking for you AND have a toothache all the while. Your pledge will help cover the cost of the oral surgery and the emergency medical wound care that Mace received.  And now he's ready for a home.
Goal: $150
Raised: $395

Sweetheart #6 Tig Notaro

We named our Tig after the comedienne that so many of our volunteers enjoy.  Our hope is that now that Kitty Tig is under our care that laughter & happiness will come her way. Nearly 9 yrs old, Kitty Tigwas found outside in dire need of a change of fortune. 
Friday-the-13th, she got a lot of teeth pulled so she's not feeling too great yet. Dentals are exactly why we need the Lincoln Fund: if we can't cover the oral surgery, we can't take in a cat in need. Sometimes we take a chance though & we say YES to the cat & hope for the support to follow.  Won't you be her Valentine support?

Goal: $150
Raised: $180!

Sweetheart #5 Lady Violet

Sweetheart Lady Violet was not found at Downton Abbey at all. She was abandoned outside, skeletally underweight, declawed, with no winter coat to help her weather frigid temps. She needs fluids, bloodwork, a dental, treatment for poor appetite & treatment (if applicable) for kidney disease. 
Goal: $150
Raised: $165

Sweetheart #4 Lily of the Rafters

Not that Lily is above it all, but she likes to have a bird’s eye view of the world from high atop her shelf. She appears to be an introverted observer, but upon further interaction, she loves attention like any other cat. Lily has been at the rescue her whole life, largely because she is not an extroverted, attention seeking kind of cat. She doesn't have any health issues but like ladies of a certain of age, she needs regular care that falls under "special needs" (such as dentals.) She is the veteran shelter cat who is looking to raise funds for dentals for all our current arrivals (like Lady Violet,) or future arrivals (or existing shelter cats.)

Goal: $150
Raised: $170!

Sweetheart #3 Elizabeth the II


Elizabeth was abandoned in a rather cruel and dangerous way which given her age, her declawed status and her joint issues, makes some of us want to weep for the ways she was so obviously neglected. Elizabeth couldn't be any sweeter if she tried.  People love her for her docile nature.  She has little mobility in her shoulders, arthritis in her hips and back, and vision impairment.  She sees a specialist for spinal adjustments with the hope that she gets some relief from what seems to be chronic, possibly acute, aches & pain. She also receives supplements and medication for the same reasons. 

Goal: $150
Current total: $180!

Sweetheart #2 Ronnie

We usually don't know the backstory on found street friendlies. We wonder about just how much neglect some of our rescues have suffered since they were wee kittens. Eleven yr old Ronnie, (full name Ronald McDonald,) was found outdoors in rough shape with a painful ear condition and what turned out to be challenges involving his heart and lungs.  Despite whatever physical woes he faces though, this cat has nothing but love, happiness and good cheer.  He's the cat visitors are drawn to because if you sit in his room, he is probably going to find a way to get into your lap. 
After there was Lincoln, there is Ronnie.  This cat really captures the spirit of the Lincoln Fund.  And boy does he need it: heart specialist, asthma specialist, inhalers, ear medicine...the boy needs to have his vet team on speed dial.  Still, to know Ronnie is to love him.

Goal: $150
Current total: $200!

Sweetheart #1: Zelda

Before there was GRUMPY CAT, there was ZELDA. Often surly, not afraid to speak her mind, but interested in a lap for a nap or a cozy bed. 

Zelda's 8th birthday is fast approaching & as she's been at the shelter nearly all of her life, she has 2 goals for the Sweethearts Campaign: to raise more money than all the other cats combined AND to find true love (adoption). Although she can be Miss Crankypants, she is a much loved shelter favorite with many volunteers.  
Realistic Goal: $150
Zelda's Goal: 901
Current total: $250!
One donor gave in honor of a volunteer who "makes a difference for so many "Zeldas""