Non-Transport Appointments

Spay/neuter surgeries are done by appointment - please call 513.871.0185 to schedule your cat(s) or, for non-transport appointments, use our convenient e-appointment request form by clicking on the button below. Note that you must request an appointment for each cat separately.

Cats that are brought to the clinic in Cincinnati should be dropped off at 8am on the morning of surgery. Cats recuperate at the clinic, and can be picked up the following morning at the clinic at 7:30am. Cats who have surgery on Friday will be released the same day, on Friday afternoon between 3:30-4pm. 

Neuterville Express Transport Appointments

For residents that live in outlying areas, we offer a transport service to make our service more convenient for you. Cats on transports require appointments -- transport appointments must be made by calling 513-871-0185. Cats that are taking our Neuterville Express transport van should be dropped off at the transport location between 6:30-7:00am, unless otherwise noted. Cats can be picked up the next morning, at the transport location at 10:00am unless otherwise noted.

Feral/Semi-Feral Cats

One or two feral/semi-feral cats in traps per household per day may be brought into the clinic without an appointment Monday-Thursday from 8am-3pm; Friday from 8-9am; and Sunday from 12-1pm. Each cat must come in its own trap.  This includes kittens.  For the safety of the staff and the cats, there are no exceptions to this one-cat-per-trap  rule. Feral/semi-feral cats who arrive at the clinic after 10am Monday-Thursday, and on Sunday, will be held overnight for surgery the following day.  If you would like to bring in more than two feral/semi-feral cats on a given day, please contact our clinic in advance to ensure we have space on the schedule.   As of January 1st 2018, all feral/semi-feral cats in traps brought in for surgery without appointment will be ear-tipped, no exceptions.