Current Status of Feral Cat Surgery Dropoff Policy

Please check this schedule before trapping. We are committed to helping trappers, but can only do surgery safely on a certain number of cats each day. If we receive too many ferals on a particular day, we may have to defer surgery until the next day even if the cat arrives before 10 am.  The clinic staff will let you know when you drop off which day surgery will occur.

Week of 9/15/19 (updated 9/13/19 at 2:30 pm):

  • Sunday: Drop off 12-1 for Monday surgery.
  • Monday: Accepting 8-10 am for Monday surgery, 10 am - 3 pm for Tuesday surgery 
  • Tuesday: Accepting 8-10 am for Tuesday surgery, 10 am - 3 pm for Wednesday surgery 
  • Wednesday: Accepting 8-10 am for Wednesday surgery, 10 am - 3 pm for Thursday surgery 
  • Thursday: Accepting 8-10 am for Thursday surgery, 10 am - 3 pm for Friday surgery
  • Friday: Accepting 8-9 am for Friday surgery.
Reminder: Each feral/semi-feral cat must come in a separate trap. Limit 2 cats per household per surgery day. All cats in traps will be eartipped.


Spaying (females) and neutering (males) free-roaming cats means fewer kittens are brought into already over-crowded shelters every year – which means fewer cats and kittens are put down at your municipal shelter. When you’re faced with a large colony of community cats, the cost of fixing them all may seem overwhelming. But there are many low-cost options to help you control your cat population without breaking the bank.

OAR is a low-cost, high-quality spay/neuter clinic with a great deal of experience handling feral and stray cats. Our clinic is in the Madisonville neighborhood of Cincinnati, and we offer transports from locations in northern Kentucky, Indiana, and Ohio. Our veterinarians are licensed and fully trained in high-volume spay/neuter; your cats will get the best care while they’re at OAR. OAR also lends traps.  

In general, one or two feral/semi-feral cats in traps per household per day may be brought into the clinic without an appointment Monday-Thursday from 8am-3pm; Friday from 8-9am; and Sunday from 12-1pm. There are times when we have too many feral cats for surgery on a given day so may have to hold cats over to the next day or stop accepting feral cats without appointments for the day.  Always check the schedule above or email for the current status before you trap.

Each cat must come in its own trap.  This includes kittens.  For the safety of the staff and the cats, there are no exceptions to this one-cat-per-trap  rule. Feral/semi-feral cats who arrive at the clinic after 10am Monday-Thursday, and on Sunday, will be held overnight for surgery the following day.  On Friday, cats who arrive by 9 will have surgery that day but you must have a safe, temperature-controlled place to keep them in their trap on Friday night so that you can release them the next day safely.  As of January 1st 2018, all feral/semi-feral cats in traps brought in for surgery without appointment will be ear-tipped, no exceptions.

Cats who have surgery Monday through Thursday recuperate at the clinic, and must be picked up the following morning at the clinic at 7:30am. Cats who have surgery on Friday will be released to clients the same day, on Friday afternoon between 3:30-4pm. Feral cats who have surgery on Friday must be kept in a climate-controlled area overnight on Friday before release.

If you would like to bring in more than two feral/semi-feral cats on a given day, you must contact our clinic in advance to set up an appointment to ensure we have space on the schedule.

Outside of the Greater Cincinnati area? There are low-cost options in many cities and towns across the US. You can find low-cost options through SpayUSA or the ASPCA in an area near you.