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Lucky Kittens Campaign 2017

Ravioli was one of the lucky kittens saved in 2016.  

Ravioli’s mother was brought to SPCA Cincinnati in a trap and transferred to OAR through our Community Cat partnership.  That night, she gave birth to a single kitten!  The stress of her ordeal caused the mom to stop nursing Ravi soon afterwards.  Fortunately, we were able to place Ravioli into the loving care of an experienced bottle feeder.  He was barely the size of a large paper clip!  Fast forward a few months and several pounds – Ravioli was adopted into a loving home after being neutered.  His feral mother was spayed and returned to her outdoor home for a healthier, reproduction-free future. This adorable kitten (and his mom) survived and thrived because OAR had the resources to staff the Community Cat project and to provide lifesaving medical and foster care for him.  

This summer, OAR will be running a Kittengarten for young kittens who arrive at the SPCA.  These kittens may be bottle babies like Ravioli, arrive with a nursing mom, or be weaned and just a few weeks from being adoption-ready. A generous grant from the Joanie Bernard Foundation to the SPCA is helping fund our kitten nursery, but we still need funds to provide the support needed for fosters, the adoption center, and our medical staff.  Please give so that we can save these vulnerable lives.

Ravioli (now Edgar) with his buddy Stella