OAR is thrilled to announce that our shelter is the lucky recipient of an ASPCA grant for OAR's Lincoln's Fund: Helping Special Needs Cats Move from Crisis to Comfort. Specifically, this grant was made possible by Lil BUB's Big Fund for the ASPCA. The grant will be used to help 12 of OAR's special needs cats with chiropractic or dental care to improve their comfort level or their physical health.

Pictured here, Queen Elizabeth says, "Many thanks."

Lincoln's Fund Cat: Butterscotch

Butterscotch had a family but they neglected her rather badly. She lived with chronic pain in her mouth, had painful mats and suffered being mishandled by the family toddler until her family took her to be euthanized because they were moving and did not wish for her to join them.  That’s when a guardian angel stepped in to save her life.  She got the important medical care that she needed. The cost incurred to treat her medical care was $500.  





 Lincoln's Fund Cat: Jake

 Jake is a 7 yr old declawed cat who came to OAR because his person fell on tough times. He was in good shape except for his mouth which required extensive dental work. He had exposed tooth roots and a damaged canine tooth that had to have been causing him a lot of pain. Despite this obvious discomfort, Jake was a sunny, sweet cat before his oral surgery.  He is currently in recovery from his extractions but now his teeth are pearly white and in great condition. His dental care cost $400 of which $60 has been covered by a Lincoln Fund sponsor. $340 remains of his bill.

About Lincoln's Fund

Lincoln's Fund was established through a generous donation by an OAR volunteer. She was touched by Lincoln, an elderly cat who showed only sweetness and spunk despite several painful ailments.  We said goodbye to Lincoln just before Christmas 2012 but his spirit lives on.  

Lincoln's Fund is used to cover medical care that goes beyond vaccines, spay/neuter and deworming. This could be x-rays, diagnostic testing, emergency care, dental surgery or palliative care for painful conditions like arthritis.  There are many cats like Lincoln out there and the better supported the fund, the more cats we can help.  All donations are tax-deductible to the full extent allowed by law.  Use the button above or mail a check to Lincoln's Fund; c/o OAR; 5619 Orlando Place; Cincinnati, OH 45227.  Thank you!