Become a F-OAR-STER

Without temporary homes, many cats and kittens would face additional stress within the shelter environmental and could suffer unnecessary compromise to their health. Even a healthy kitten fares better in a home environment where exposure to germs can be better minimized. In addition, foster parents free up space at the shelter, allowing OAR to save more lives.


Interested in fostering? Fill out our volunteer app and indicate you want to foster. Additional contact information below.

Specific goals of the Foster Program include:
  • Providing a safe, nurturing environment for mother cats to raise their kittens
  • Socializing shy or timid cats/kittens
  • Allowing sick or injured kitties to heal in a relaxing environment
  • Giving long-term feline residents time away from the shelter in a home setting
  • Correcting behavioral issues
Interested in fostering an adult cat?  Join OAR on Tour!  This program is designed to provide our adult shelter cats a 28-day respite in a foster home, and the chance to learn more about their personalities.  OAR will provide all supplies - all we ask you to day is fill out a short survey about what you've learned about your foster cat..valuable information we can pass along to our adopters.
Interested in fostering kittens?  If you are available to provide foster care for either a pair of kittens, or even a litter, for four to six weeks, we would like to hear from you!
Foster requirements:
  1. The foster family should have a limited number of in-home pets, all of whom are up to date on appropriate vaccinations and vet care.
  2. OAR will need interested fosters to fill out a volunteer application.
  3. The foster kitties will need a warm, dry, safe place in a separate room, in the home, away from other animals.
  4. The foster family should be amenable to a home visit with the foster coordinator and should be available to coordinate with the foster program coordinator (on behalf of the OAR shelter vet techs) to bring kittens in for vaccination boosters and/or check ups.  (applies to kittens only)
  5. The foster family should commit through the duration of the foster process:  OAR on Tour 28-day period.  Kitten fostering period typically lasts from 3 weeks to as much as 2 months although times do vary.
  6. The foster should be available to attend an one-hour Volunteer Orientation & Foster Training at the shelter.
  7. The foster should be available to to travel occasionally to and from OAR's Madisonville shelter. (kittens only)
  8. For foster families with children, OAR encourages sensible child involvement, but parents must assume responsibility.

If you have questions or interest in the program, please email:
Or leave a message on the OAR Shelter voicemail at: 513-871-7297
Please note that the coordinator will get back to you as soon as possible, but this may take as long as a week. Applicants whose interests and schedule match current openings will be invited to attend a Volunteer Orientation, typically held on a weekend day.