Resources and Links


Neighborhood Cats - A TNR group from New York City with valuable advice about quality colony care, keeping cats out of yards and gardens, building drop traps, and any other feral-related topic.

Alley Cat Allies - The national advocacy group for TNR.

Indy Feral - A nationally-renowned TNR group nearly in our backyard! Indy Feral has reduced their shelter's euthanasia rate precipitously since they began in 2002.

Cincinnati-Area Rescue Groups

Animal Adoption Foundation - AAF shelters both dogs and cats, and is in Hamilton, Ohio.

Cincinnati Cats - Cincinnati Cats is a foster-program for cats only; they are not able to take cats in from individuals.

League for Animal Welfare - LFAW is a shelter located in Batavia, Ohio. Their shelter houses both dogs and cats.  

Save the Animals Foundation - STAF shelters over 600 dogs and cats - one of the largest shelters in our area! They are located in Cincinnati.

Scratching Post Cat Shelter - The Scratching Post is a cat-only shelter in Silverton.

Stray Animal Adoption Program - SAAP operates out of Newport, Kentucky, and rescues both cats and dogs.

Pet Food Pantries

Cincinnati Pet Food Pantry - Offers cat and dog food for qualified pet owners on the 3rd Saturday of every month.

Wilbur's Pantry - Cat and dog food offered to residents in Boone County, Kentucky.

Spay/Neuter Vouchers

League for Animal Welfare - League vouchers are granted on the 1st of each month, and can be requested by phone. These vouchers reduce the surgery cost by $20 for both males and females.

Scratching Post Cat Shelter - Voucher requests are mailed or taken into the Scratching Post Shelter. They reduce the cost of surgery by $35, and include $10 credit towards a rabies vaccination.  Vouchers good for residents of Butler, Clermont, and Hamilton counties only.

Low-Cost Veterinary Care

Pets In Need Program - PIN provides basic veterinary care for families who are at 200% or below the national poverty line.

UCAN - UCAN can spay/neuter dogs at reduced rates. Call UCAN for pricing.