Adopt Your New Best Friend!

We have many cats and kittens looking for wonderful homes! All of our cats are spayed/neutered, up-to-date on vaccinations, tested for FIV and feline leukemia, and microchipped. The regular adoption fee is $25 for 1 or 2 cats/kittens. 

Browse some of our cats and kittens, and fill out an application today! An OAR representative will get in touch with you to discuss your application.  We do offer same-day adoptions (you stop by adoption center and fill out the application there) during most open hours.  Getting pre-approved ensures that you can take your new family member home when you visit. In either case (pre-approved or not), bring a carrier and cash, credit card or check for the adoption fee to your visit.

As of 3/7/12, our adoption policy requires that the adopters of our cats not declaw them, no matter what the cat's age. We will, with our adoption counselors' help, provide potential adopters with information on alternatives to declawing. We also sometimes have previously declawed cats up for adoption.  These can be a good alternative for adopters who are adamant about declawing.

Adoption Hours and Locations

You can come meet the adoptable cats and kittens at OAR's Adoption Center during our open adoption hours:

Monday through Friday: 3-8 PM

Saturday and Sunday: 1-4 PM

(If you fall in love with a cat or kitten on our website and want to meet him or her at a different time, please contact us so we can set up an appointment with you!)

OAR's adoption center is located at 5619 Orlando Place, Cincinnati, OH 45227.

OAR cats and kittens can also be seen at PetSmart in Oakley, 3401 Alamo Avenue, throughout the week and on weekends. Volunteers will be available every Saturday and Sunday from 1-4 pm at PetSmart to answer questions about the cats.   

Adopt a Barn Cat

If you're not looking for a traditional pet cat to live inside your house, OAR's Barn Cats Program might be just for you. The Barn Cats Program places unsocialized (or feral) community cats into non-traditional forever homes such as barns, workshops, nurseries, warehouses, junkyards, and breweries. Working cats don't want to curl up on laps or be petted, but in exchange for daily meals and shelter from wildlife and the elements, these cats will provide environmentally friendly rodent control for your property. For more information on how you can adopt one of these special animals, visit our Barn Cats page!